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Cannot find a library instance of Gratuity-2.0.
Bug #: 2510
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu
Date: 12-06-06 04:13 AM
By: NobleHelium
Status: Unconfirmed
It appears that the newest version is missing a library. I don't see the Gratuity-2.0 library in the files, and I get this message on login:

Interface\AddOns\FuBar_DurabilityFu\DurabilityFu.lua:22: Cannot find a library instance of Gratuity-2.0.

I wiped the old FuBarDurabilityFu folder before installing the 2.0 version. I was using an older version for 1.2 prior. This library error is preventing the durability from being shown on FuBar, and I don't see the option to enable/disable autorepair and automatic repair prompting that I remember being there before.

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By: NobleHelium - 12-06-06 04:18 AM
1.2 and 2.0 refer to the WoW patch version, that is, not FuBar versions.
By: Jalith - 12-06-06 07:27 AM
I also have the same error regarding Gratuity. Checked my Addon List in character selection screen and it is showing as an up to date version.
By: Sliverpix - 12-08-06 11:10 PM
Basically DurabilityFu is functional with the latest WOW. The problem is in the library's for the AddOn. Here is a way to fix the problem: (at least until a REAL Addon Coder can square it away hehe):

Changed: 12-8-2006 @ 21:46
..:: Sliverpix ::..

Added Libraries called for in the Fubar_DurabilityFu.toc to \libs\ directory

++ AceHook-2.1\AceHook-2.1.lua
++ Deformat-2.0\Deformat-2.0.lua
++ Gratuity-2.0\Gratuity-2.0.lua

The above is what I did and DurabilityFu seems to be working just fine for me and my wife. Not alot of testing, I dont know the "proper" Ace Schema's, etc. etc. etc... all I know is this got me up and running. You may have to look around on some other sites to find the libraries you need, but most of them I found in other Fu Addons and just COPIED the libraries I needed, or made adjustments to the .toc file. DONT BLAME ME IF YOU mess up a .toc file... this is only a work around until the coders can get caught up.

More Time bought for the REAL coders I hope